[SAC] [OSGeo-Discuss] [Projects] Status report for April - System Contract I 2020

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed May 6 06:27:21 PDT 2020

> Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] [Projects] Status report for April - System
> Contract I 2020
> On Mon, May 04, 2020 at 09:56:21PM -0700, Jody Garnett wrote:
> > > Grafana is running on OSGeo3 monitor container ->
> > > https://monitor.osgeo.org
> >
> > Thanks, I eventually managed to start a dashboard so I could find
> > osgeo3 again quickly.
> Can you check if Dashboards can be shared with other users ?
> Because I keep having NO dashboards in the "home" page for dashboards
> and only see some of them in the "manage" page, were every dashboard
> seems to be attached to exactly one of the hosts. I guess it must be
> to have a single dashboard showing "health" of all OSGeo services instead
> --strk;

I think every one that is logged in has access to view all the dashboards
and admins can edit them.  So it's just the navigation that is a bit screwy.
I usually just favorite the ones I like and then they show on my home page.

You want to volunteer to help me figure out the UI stuff.  I'm more focused
on making sure we are collecting the metrics we need and there are a ton
more we can be collecting that would probably be useful.

In the ldap config there is also a way to segregate people based on LDAP
group and then do a finer grain control of the dashboards viewed.

The Prometheus queries are all written in some special time series focused
language https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/querying/examples/

I don't have time to learn all that so I've just been installing dashboards
from Grafana for Prometheus that look useful and that query the metrics we
are currently collecting. https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards  We can
study some of the queries and merge together the ones we like into a single
dashboard I think will satisfy your need for an all-encompassing dashboard.
If you look under the hood of the json of the dashboards you'll see the data
sources specified (corresponding to each of the Prometheus servers) and the
job node etc.


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