[SAC] [Projects] Status report for April - System Contract I 2020

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon May 4 21:56:21 PDT 2020

> 1) Rebuilding Wiki.  I built a new debian 10 container with latest
> Wikimedia, PHP, apache installed  -- but still exploring the db and stuff
> to
> create a script to chuck bad user accounts.
> I also need to retest the data restore script I have setup and revisit some
> plugins that did not come thru (no upgrade path for them).
> https://wiki.new.osgeo.org  (this is running on OSGeo3)
> I'm hoping to do the final migration sometime late May.
> Once this is done we can setup a dev of this new version to do the LDAP
> integration.  This we can contract out -- we have two proposals from
> outside
> contractors for LDAP work.

I just wanted to be encouraging on this! Really glad to see it going ahead.

2) Server Monitoring


Grafana is running on OSGeo3 monitor container -> https://monitor.osgeo.org
> (all OSGeo LDAP users can log in to see the metrics).
> I whitelisted it on OSGeo7 and OSGeo4 so it can query the Prometheus
> servers
> for monitor stats.

Thanks, I eventually managed to start a dashboard so I could find osgeo3
again quickly.

3) https://repo.osgeo.org -- Jody Garnett spear-headed this effort.  The
> Repo service is running Nexus repository management.
> Feel free to login and check it out and if you want to use it in some way
> for your projects -- Please put in a trac ticket -
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/
> Nexus supports the following kinds of repos - Maven, Docker Registry, Apt,
> Yum, Nuget, R CPAN, RubyGems, npm (and some other stuff I've never heard
> of)
> At the moment the following projects are using it (GeoTools, GeoServer,
> GeoNetwork -- for their maven repo), (PostGIS / GEOS to manage docker
> containers we use for drone bot regression testing).

GeoNetwork just voted to use it, going to try and connect it up this week.
GeoServer also plans to use docker for help facilitate automated cite

4) https://matrix.osgeo.org -- container running Matrix (synapse server
> https://matrix.org/docs/guides/installing-synapse )  bridges with our
> existing IRC channels and can be used for private chat rooms like GSoc ones
> for example Requires an OSGeo LDAP account to use.  Talk to Sandro
> Santilli if you have
> questions about how to use it.

I highly recommend this, the killer feature is the ability to see prior
chat history.

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