[SAC] [OSGeo] #2459: new dedicated VM for demo.mapserver.org

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Sun May 17 06:44:03 PDT 2020

#2459: new dedicated VM for demo.mapserver.org
 Reporter:  Jeff McKenna   |       Owner:  sac@…
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 Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  Sysadmin Contract 2020-I
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Comment (by Jeff McKenna):

 thanks Regina, I'm connected.  (at first I was trying to !ProxyJump from
 my home Windows machine through download onto this new instance, but then
 realized that is forbidden)  It of course works fine as you said,
 connecting to download first and then connecting to the new instance.
 thanks again.

 (I guess I was trying to just jump, so I didn't have to copy my private
 key to a cloud server)

 Anyway out of my efforts I've now updated to the Windows OpenSSH 8.1-beta
 release ha, which in the end wasn't needed because jumping through
 download is forbidden ha.  Oh well, I'm sure my new Windows OpenSSH
 expertise will come in handy later ha! :)

 Short summary: I'm off and running on the new server.  thanks again for

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