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Sun May 17 09:01:24 PDT 2020

#2459: new dedicated VM for demo.mapserver.org
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Comment (by robe):

 Hmm you shouldn't need to copy your private key.  I'm running msys2 and
 using that so maybe it's different.

 Not sure other modes of connecting via windows.  That shouldn't be

 My conf file looks like this:

 Host download.osgeo.org
     IdentityFile "/path/to/private.key"

 Host osgeo7-*
         ProxyCommand ssh robe at download.osgeo.org -W $(sed -e
 "s/^osgeo7-//;s/$/.lxd/" <<< "%h"):%p
     IdentityFile "/path/to/private.key"


 I do notice I need both entries though.

 Then I do

 ssh robe at osgeo7-mapserver

 That did prompt me for my LDAP password since I didn't have that installed
 on mapserver container.  But typing in my password works fine since I
 don't have password access blocked on the internal servers.

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