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Sun May 17 10:31:45 PDT 2020

#2459: new dedicated VM for demo.mapserver.org
 Reporter:  Jeff McKenna   |       Owner:  sac@…
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 Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  Sysadmin Contract 2020-I
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Comment (by robe):

 Is your HostName like below.  Wasn't clear if that is what you changed it
 to or not. That is what it should be.

 HostName     osgeo7-mapserver.lxd

 seems like you had that earlier on.  Also keep in mind that each host has
 a separate jump.  I created one for download.osgeo.org to be consistent
 with the osgeo3 and osgeo4.

 So osgeo3 = hop.osgeo3.osgeo.org
 osgeo4 = hop.osgeo4.osgeo.org

 osgeo7 = download.osgeo.org  with alias hop.osgeo7.osgeo.org

 Can you do below or is ProxyCommand not supported on your version of

 Host hop.osgeo7.osgeo.org
     IdentityFile "C:\Users\Jeff\.ssh\id_rsa.openssl-decrypt"

 Host osgeo7-mapserver
     ProxyCommand ssh jckenna at hop.osgeo7.osgeo.org -W %h:%p
     IdentityFile "C:\Users\Jeff\.ssh\id_rsa.openssl-decrypt"

 and then

 ssh jmkenna at osgeo7-mapserver

 Note the .lxd with or without is optional since they are on the same
 network anyway so the .lxd is assumed.

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