[SeasonOfDocs] [Season of Docs] Open Source Geospatial Foundation Technical Writer and Project Selection

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 16:44:04 PDT 2019

Now that Swapnil and Felicity have officially been announced as Season 
of Docs writers, I can share email below.

Swapnil, I think you are still on holidays? When you are back, why don't 
you connect with us and we can discuss your focus, building out from 
conversation below.

Cheers, Cameron

On 25/7/19 6:54 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Felicity, Swapnil, as per below, it looks like we have you both as 
> tech writers for SeasonOfDocs.
> I'm very excited about that!
> Swapnil, we need to get your scope of work defined TODAY. I'd 
> previously been nudging you toward setting up templates for what is 
> now being called TheGoodDocsProject. TheGoodDocsProject has gained so 
> much momentum and is moving so fast that it will be difficult to 
> identify a clear statement of work for it that isn't picked up by 
> someone else before you get to it.
> Instead I think we should pick a task from GeoNetwork and/or QGIS. I'm 
> looping in Jared, Andrew and Byron who are also helping with these 
> projects who might have suggestions. I think GeoNetwork is easier to 
> describe a specific scope for. Much of GeoNetwork docs have been 
> written by Europeans, with English as a second language. So it could 
> benefit from a solid slog of reviewing top to bottom. The big 
> challenge for QGIS is bringing content from lots of satellite 
> communities and to bring it home into the core docs. It would be a 
> huge win to get it done, but also very risky as it requires so many 
> external volunteers to come on board.
> So I propose we focus on GeoNetwork. Byron, Jo, I'm hoping you can 
> refine scope for Swapnil to focus on:
> Scope:
> * Review GeoNetwork docs, as per existing analysis provided by team: 
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Season_of_Docs_Ideas_2019#GeoNetwork
> * Align with emerging templates being created by TheGoodDocsProject 
> and work out how to incorporate appropriately with GeoNetwork.
> * Provide tech writing advise around structure and style to existing 
> writing volunteers
> * Review and refine existing and emerging content for good 
> documentation practices.
> Swapnil, can you please take responsibility for reviewing and refining 
> this TODAY, along with whatever feedback we get on the email thread.
> Warm regards, Cameron

On 25/7/19 8:09 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> P.S. For those looped in:
> We are aware that Swapnil's involvement will be relatively light 
> initially, as he is chairing the SeasonOfDocs Australia conference 
> (completed in November).
> Swapnil has selected the long-term option, and most of his effort will 
> be focused from November to February.

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