[Shapelib] Shapefile creation

Mike.Sexton at ga.gov.au Mike.Sexton at ga.gov.au
Mon Oct 30 20:31:26 PST 2006



For some time I have been wondering how one produces shapefiles from scratch
and have found it very difficult to find relevant information

I have numerous files of X,Y data that describe points, lines and polygons
that I wnt to capture as shapefiles.


Fortunately I found  the shapelib pages


I downloaded the shapelib tar file and shocked myself when the make worked.


I have been able to make some simple shapefiles by following the
instructions, and I am now wondering how I can use my X,Y files.


For example: shpadd testfile.shp 10.0 1.0 20.0 2.0 30.0 3.0, works fine


but I want to load an X,Y file containing 1000's of point into the shapefile.
I just cant see how to stream the coordinates into the ahpadd program


Any advice would be greatly appreciated




Mike Sexton

Geoscience Australia

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