[SoC] Student proposals are in - now what?

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Sat Apr 4 13:49:08 EDT 2009

FYI - proposals are linked here:

On 4-Apr-09, at 2:12 AM, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:

> Good morning ladies and gentlemen, students and mentors,
> The student proposal application closed yesterday
> (20080403T190000+0000). Thank you all students who applied.
> What does this mean for mentors?
> ===============================
> 1. The mentors should read the proposals directed at their project.
> 2. The mentors should comment on proposals (especially if they have
> questions). Email discussions are also fine, note how ever that the
> students can no longer edit their proposals, but they can leave
> comments, and put the updated proposal as a comment (only the your  
> idea
> part).
> 3. Mark all proposals which are sub-par as ineligible.
> 4. Click on the "I am willing to mentor" for each and every proposal
> that you think you could mentor or co-mentor.
> 5. Discuss among the other mentors of your project about a ranking of
> the proposals. Deliver the final list of ranked proposals with primary
> mentor (their link ID) to your friendly OSGeo Administrator no later
> than Tuesday, April 7 19.00 UTC. A mentor can mentor more than one
> student, but it might be a lot of work, depending on students. (I  
> did it
>  in 2007, and it worked great)
> *NOTE* If I don't get the list in time it will be a lot of trouble for
> me and your fellow mentors, and the students might not get  
> selected. So
> PLEASE stick to the deadline.
> 6. The Administrator will then order the projects, starting with the
> project with the most proposals. Each project will then be given a  
> slot
> in this order until no more proposals are left.
> What does this mean for students?
> =================================
> 1. Wait for comments and answer any questions you get.
> 2. You cannot any longer edit your proposal, but you can write an
> updated proposal as a comment. Note that the only part you are  
> likely to
> modify is the Idea section itself. So you can post updated project  
> ideas
> as comments.
> 3. Wait for the final results on April 20th
> Thank you very much for your work so far,
> Wolf Bergenheim
> OSGeo GSoC Administrator
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