[SoC] Student proposals are in - now what?

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Sat Apr 4 05:12:10 EDT 2009

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, students and mentors,

The student proposal application closed yesterday
(20080403T190000+0000). Thank you all students who applied.

What does this mean for mentors?

1. The mentors should read the proposals directed at their project.
2. The mentors should comment on proposals (especially if they have
questions). Email discussions are also fine, note how ever that the
students can no longer edit their proposals, but they can leave
comments, and put the updated proposal as a comment (only the your idea
3. Mark all proposals which are sub-par as ineligible.
4. Click on the "I am willing to mentor" for each and every proposal
that you think you could mentor or co-mentor.
5. Discuss among the other mentors of your project about a ranking of
the proposals. Deliver the final list of ranked proposals with primary
mentor (their link ID) to your friendly OSGeo Administrator no later
than Tuesday, April 7 19.00 UTC. A mentor can mentor more than one
student, but it might be a lot of work, depending on students. (I did it
 in 2007, and it worked great)
*NOTE* If I don't get the list in time it will be a lot of trouble for
me and your fellow mentors, and the students might not get selected. So
PLEASE stick to the deadline.
6. The Administrator will then order the projects, starting with the
project with the most proposals. Each project will then be given a slot
in this order until no more proposals are left.

What does this mean for students?

1. Wait for comments and answer any questions you get.
2. You cannot any longer edit your proposal, but you can write an
updated proposal as a comment. Note that the only part you are likely to
modify is the Idea section itself. So you can post updated project ideas
as comments.
3. Wait for the final results on April 20th

Thank you very much for your work so far,
Wolf Bergenheim
OSGeo GSoC Administrator


<:3 )---- Wolf Bergenheim ----( 8:>

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