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Wolf Bergenheim ha scritto:
> Dear students and mentors,

Hi Wolf, all,

> Pencils down!
> The final survey is due on the 20th. This means all mentors AND
> students should fill in their final surveys by the end of the 20th
> (your local TZ). 

According to GSoC timeline, final evaluation is due on the 24th... Did I
miss something? (I'll be offline from 17 to 22...)

> As a bonus we also offer this year an OSGeo T-Shirt to all successful
> students who also writes a final summary report.The DL for the final
> report is The end of this month. The report should outline what you
> achieved over the course of your GSoC project, what you learned from
> this experience. Also describe any future improvements to the projects
> (if planned) and post links to your wiki pages which should include a
> pointer to where we can find your code.

Cool! :D
/me starts writing the final report ;)

> Mentors, you can also expect to receive a t-shirt for you great
> volunteer work. We couldn't have done it without you!
> Thank you every one,
> it has been a great summer of code again and the administration team
> would like to thanks all students and mentors for their effort.

Thank you Wolf for effective administration of SoC, and best regards to all!


> BR,
> Wolf Bergenheim
> OSGeo GSoC Administrator
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