[SoC] Congratulations to all students who passed

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 04:52:59 EDT 2009

Il giorno mar, 25/08/2009 alle 09.41 +0200, Jorge Arévalo ha scritto:
> On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 12:52 AM, Wolf
> Bergenheim<wolf+grass at bergenheim.net> wrote:
> > Congratulations to all students who passed the final evaluation is
> > OGSgeo's GSoC program!
> >
> > This year has all in all been even more successful than last year and
> > We are proud of our 17 new graduates!
> >
> > I'd also like to thank Landon Blake (A.K.A. The Sunburned Surveyor)
> > and Hamish Bowman for the excellent help in co-administering this
> > program.
> >
> > Last but by no means least I'd like to thank all Mentors for their
> > hours of work with the students. This program wouldn't exist if it
> > wouldn't be for you!
> >
> > One of the last actions in this program will be to upload your work to
> > Google, but more on that later from Google, and me. I'm still
> > collecting final reports, and the offer still stands, a gift
> > certificate to the OSGeo web store to buy yourself an OSGeo T-shirt
> > (or some other goodies) for all who send in that final report.
> >
> > Finally I'd like to express my dream that all of you 17 students will
> > stick around and show pride in your work, as you maintain it and maybe
> > polish it more, or who knowns maybe you have some more features to
> > add? Before you know it you will be regular developers at the projects
> > you worked with... ;)
> >
> > Thank you and good night,
> > Wolf Bergenheim
> > OSGeo GSoC Administrator
> >
> Hello,
> As a student, I'd like to be grateful to OSGeo for giving us this
> chance. I feel absolutely proud of working with you, helping the Open
> Source community.

Hi all,

I'd like to say a big "thank you!" to my mentor Martin Landa, Wolf,
GRASS developers providing precious support, Google for financing SoC
also in this difficult economic period, and of course congratulations to
all OSGeo students and mentors! 
I look forward to see such a great crew in next year's SoC!

> Many thanks again, and best regards,
> Jorge
> > PS Where is the party at?
> +1 for OSGeo party... :-)

+1 too!

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