[SoC] [Report #7 - midterm] Kriging with GRASS and R: v.autokrige port to wxPython and more

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 10:06:55 EDT 2009

Hello all, and sorry for cross-posting,

this week has been full of improvements:
- CLI with optional arguments is up and running
- interface creation is no more delayed by vector map filtering
- dependencies are checked all at the beginning - no risk of mid-process
crashes if something is missing
- automap page merged with gstat: they share the same algorithms
- geoR page hidden, no implementation yet
- deep refactoring of the rpy code, moved into a separate controller
- interface fills up all options except input data map - minimum
interaction required (2 clicks)

next week I plan to implement the splashscreen and add further
functionalities, hopefully different kriging techniques.

Blocking issues - none.

best regards,


More info on the wiki page - updated daily:

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