[SoC] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #4

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Sun Jun 21 13:27:48 EDT 2009

Hi All,

here the 4-th report for my project :

In the last week, after some coding i can see that he main-app file  
was too much long
that is no good beacouse the code is not easy readable.

doing some  test, i can see the threaded class "joystick and gps tools"
consume a lot of cpu-resource

i decided to do a complete revision on the code :

- extracted some function and class from the main file
   and store it in separate files (the code results more readable,
   and each tools can be easy re-used out-side the main app)

- done a complete revision on the trheaded class,
   now the trhead are colled only when they really needs
   i also added in the joystick code a line used in pygame
   to reduce cpu usage when possible.

The results code is more fast and readable.

In the last week i also worked on :

- a query tool to ask information on grass layer (both raster and  
   it runs r.what + v.what on  a list of selectable layers avaiable in  
the active grass-mapset.

- initial test about the grass code to produce "legend images"  for  
raster layers
   this is needed to produce kml screen overlay

- create a blog page for the project to describe the project
   i had some problems to activate the "leave comment code" now seems  
   i also need to create a better page to store reports .. for now i  
leave it as raw text files

what to do  the next week :

- separate each tool in separate files produce some (minor) code  
issue, i need to learn how to send
   a message from one widget to an other one (e.g. create connections  
bettween different tools)
   if some one has pyqt knowledge i have some questions for him ;-)

- rework the web-map based tool using kamap2 (it will consists in a  
web-gis based on a mapfile produced on the fly, it read the layer to  
render from a list of grass layer, so i'm coding an interface to  
produce it)

- i'll be in Bolsena for the osgeo hacking event i'll try to receive  
feedback, suggestion for a full coding-week

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