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My name is jubin. I am a master student in GIS at  Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,  China.  My research area is about WebGIS, especially in integrate google earth plugin with GeoServer to produce a Virtual Reality effect. I'm interested in GeoServer, and I'm write a module which can produce more complex KML tags such as touring. However, I can't find the GeoSever on the ideas page(http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_2010_Ideas). Is this means I can't do things about GeoServer in gsoc this year? If this is true, I want to pick up another program to participate in. Can you give me some advice on which program I can do based on my skill background and research area?  The following is about my skills:

3 years in java. I make a web site based on jsp last year, which can display news and edit. 

2 years in javascript.

1 year in python. I learned python from MIT OCW and do all the homeworks on that site.

Familiar with kml, google maps api and google earth api

familiar with tomcat and mysql
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