[SoC] GSoC - pgRouting, OpenGraphRouter

Andrey Kostromin andreykostromin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 05:21:22 EDT 2010

Generally we can realize any algorithm related to vrp (with time window,  
with fuzzy demand,  stochastic transport task,  dynamic vrp, clustering  
algorithm, different heuristic algorithm, bi-directional shortest path  
algorithm, K-shortest path support, etc.). Also implementation a graph  
storage based on a database. All this are interested for us.
Please suggest tasks for us.

Our skills:
webdevelopment (php, mysql, jquery, soap, xml etc) - now we work at  
webdevelopment company (experience more 2 years)
java, c++  - know well, can use for implementation algorithms

Vladimir Kostromin <voooova at gmail.com> писал(а) в своём письме Tue, 06 Apr  
2010 12:00:56 +0300:

> Hi Anton,
> I just read about this algorithm first time, but I know this subject
> area and can implement it. HH* is interesting to us.

Andrey Kostromin

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