[SoC] Introducing myself and the GoC project KML 2.2 support for GPE

Carlos Sánchez Periñán csanchez at prodevelop.es
Tue Apr 6 06:48:10 EDT 2010



My name is Carlos Sanchez Periñan and I want to propose the KML 2.2 support to the Google summer of code as a new possible project.


Nowadays, GPE (GML Parser Engine) it's a framework born by the gvSIG team to read and write several standard geographic file formats based on the XML language. 

The largest geographic language standard was GML from OGC, which structure was very similar with KML, GPX and so on.

GPE works as an XML pull parser, when a new tag is found, if match with some tag from the defined standard (KML 2.1 for instance) then it is launched a binding to resolve the correct action to do.

Those actions are based on checking attributes, children tags and launch events to the GPE consumer handler. 

This handler it's a Content Handler extended by the consumer which receive the data from the standard file formats.

This framework uses GPL License and can be used separately from gvSIG by external software implementations.


Currently, GPE KML plug in parser only understand KML 2.1 version. 

New KML 2.2 version plug in it's recommended to be implemented, much more if some extensions like Google Touring support based on KML 2.2 are being added to the parser.

Adding this support to GPE can improve the interoperability between Google Earth (Google Maps) and gvSIG... and of course between software which uses GPE to read/write KML.


I'm offering myself to help as a mentor in the developing of this project, because I am one of the GPE developers. Also I belong to the gvSIG and gvSIG Mobile developer team and I worked with Google API's.

I'm a Prodevelop S.L. software developer, two years experienced working on the GIS area.


I'm very pleased to be here.




Carlos Sánchez Periñán

GIS Develop Team

Prodevelop S.L. <http://www.prodevelop.es/> 

Tel :  963510612

E-mail : csanchez at prodevelop.es


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