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Hear hear!

This is indeed it! On successful completion I'm sure there will be a
lot of future for the student in the geospatial world! Open Source or
not, plus who doesn't love pretty maps! :D


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 23:54, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Summer of Code Students,
> If you are looking for a project which is almost certainly going to be
> selected, then this is it.
> It is a huge pain point for GeoSpatial Open Source, for many projects.
> The challenge will be to put forward a proposal which is better than other
> students.
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> Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Common map printing specifications project [Fwd:
> Students: Get Paid to work on this project]
> Hi all, just forwarding this note to this more general OSGeo channel,
> since it applies to several projects and communities.
> Year after year, one of the largest complaints about open source mapping
> applications is the ability to output large, high quality, printable
> maps.  It's often "the issue" that some proprietary users say prevents
> them from moving to an open source platform.  Recognising that we can
> always do better, the "Carto" project is an effort to address this in a
> standard way, so that all open source applications may output
> configuration files according to a specification and have a common
> 'engine' application produce an output file.  By using a standards-based
> approach, developers can work together on improving printing output
> overall instead of doing it in dozens of different ways.
> That said, attached is my attempt to try to find some students to work
> on the project through Google's Summer of Code :)  I'm also forwarding
> it here for those others who are interested in trying to help move this
> initiative along.  Either way, join our list and say hi.[1]  Except for
> some interesting work with Mapnik and QGIS together (Dane Springmeyer's
>  Quantumnik!) this is pretty much still theoretical.
> Tyler
> [1]  http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/carto
> Greetings everyone!
> The OSGeo Carto mailing list [1] was created to discuss developing a
> common approach to printable (vector-based) map output from open source
> mapping applications.  With Google's Summer of Code program, we have a
> great opportunity for students to be funded to work on this project!
> Please forward this on to any students that you think might benefit.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Cartographic_Engine
> Note there is room for a range of programming abilities, here are just a
> few...
>  * developing XML-based map definition and print standard specifications
>  * writing a GUI-based app for doing map layout
>  * converting project configuration files into a common format
>  * enhancing Mapnik to handle layout and file output definitions
>  * What else?  You tell us! Students are welcome to propose new ideas!
> This year, we've tied this project directly to Mapnik (and indirectly to
> QGIS or GRASS) just so it is clearly not a new project, but an
> enhancement of an existing one.
> Since it is really focused on developing and implementing standards, I'm
> not opposed to using other projects in there for either the 'client' or
> the engine - so if you're a student interested in MapServer or gvSIG,
> for example, and would rather work on implementing it that way, then
> please just propose it.  I only had to narrow our focus to keep it clear.
> Time is running out for student applications, so let's get the word out!
>  Even if you're not a student but are interested in helping in some way,
> join the list and say hi.
> [1] http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/carto
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