[SoC] [Fwd: [OSGeo-Discuss] Common map printing specifications project [Fwd: Students: Get Paid to work on this project]]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 01:50:46 EDT 2010

Cameron write:
> > If you are looking for a project which is almost certainly
> > going to be selected, then this is it.

> Hear hear!
> This is indeed it!

um, sorry to be mr. cold water, but absolutely nothing is certain and I wouldn't want to raise expectations or promise
anything which we had to go back on.

for a project to be picked, we need a really great candidate,
a great idea, active mentor(s) from the program's development
community (if your proposed idea is in high demand this should
be easier!), and the right mix of skillset for the particular
job/program. And  even then it's in a pool with all the other
proposals for a fixed number of slots (which may not even cover
1 student per OSGeo project this year- in past years we have
fought well above our weight and done very well with slots,
but there are no guarantees there either).

If any of those things is missing, even a great student or a
great idea will have to be passed by, which is a pity as we've
had to turn away great students in the past -- but all the
stars have to align to some extent. It needs just the right
mix of ingredients.


ps- I can not agree with the "open source can not do good
cartography" assertion. It absolutely does take a bit of
learning and getting used to, but GRASS's ps.map can create
highly professional journal-quality output. And it's on our
SoC idea list to write a newuser-friendly frontend for it ;) ;)
FWIW I find it a lot more user-friendly than say GMT. Having
said that, I would love for all OSGeo projects to support SVG
symbology, and for us all to share a common symbol pool.  [2c]


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