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Simone Giannecchini simone.giannecchini at geo-solutions.it
Wed Apr 7 11:17:42 EDT 2010

Ciao David,
I would second Landon's suggestion and drop an email to the GeoTools devel list.

I am pretty sure Michael Bedward is the one you are looking for since
he is working some of the classes you'd like to refactor. He is based
in Au therefore he might not be online right now.

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2010/4/7 David Abdurachmanov <cybaslt at hotmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I am very interested in doing some improvements on Geotools. Already one of
> my suggestions was accepted in new realease (2.6.4) and will be implemented
> by one of the members. But there is a lot more areas that could be improved.
> Like implementing DragLine, DragMultiLine, more behavior options for MapPane
> and MapLayerTable. Actually I would be like reengineering several classes
> from zero. Same base functionality, but more flexible.
> There are two more days left, question is could I apply for this as OSGeo
> project? I don't see any Geotools Ideas Page for 2010, but still it's listed
> on IRC channels.
> Thanks for the information,
> David
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