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Wed Apr 7 13:54:11 EDT 2010

Okay, os proposal text looks like the most complicated part in such short time.I have already written letter to Michael Bedward personally, but did not get response. But we did have a few posts in users mailing list. Looks like some ideas he really would like. The resizing stuff is already scheduled for 2.6.4.The question would be about what should be included in proposal text and how much I should write?Right now I would only work on user interface classes, like MapPane, MapLayerTable and etc. Right now only DragBox is implemented, I want DragLine, DragMultiLine (you can make curve or even polygon). Maybe even implementing mechanism, that would allow to add that functionality to MapPane dynamically and tools could be able to use those if they are enabled. Right now DragBox is the only thing you can do on MapPane and it's closed inside MapPane.Next thing would be resizing problem, MapPane on resize resets view to full extent, but I would like allow controlling how it should work on resize. Also some mouse zoom in/zoom out for MapPane.MapLayerTable, doesn't give much control. Maybe I could redesign it, which would allow to get information which layer is selected, allowing to add more functionality to control layer (user defined controls).Maybe even more stuff, today I talked with one of the friends at university and he said that there are some troubles with redrawing map and with some forms. Maybe that could be arranged too.I don't think that I could redesign everything and gather/put all of the ideas just in one night. 
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