[SoC] Weekly Report for Week 11. gvSIG.

luca bianconi lc.bianconi at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 1 17:01:22 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I describe shortly the activities of this week aimed mostly to understanding
the extension system of gvSIG and to do tests for trying concepts step by
step. I still miss something for understanding it completely in order to
register a new DAL provider.

It's been another hard week frankly. I've tried to take advantages of gvSIG
development team's suggestions, studying hardly both the code of the
suggested extensions and documentation.

What have I done:

        * studied and tested Maven most advanced features (jar creation, pom
features, etc)
        * tried to implement the SQLite DAL provider extending the gvSIG
functionalities using the small library created during the past weeks
        * studied the code of suggested extensions (extGPE-gvSIG)
        * studied the documentation on the gvSIG DAL [1] [2]
        * tried to modify libFMap_daldb extension as a test for trying to
register the sqlite provider

What I plan to do next week:

       * understand and finally implement the SQLite DAL provider extending
the gvSIG functionalities, using the library I've created during the past

    If there's time:

            * finally implement the 3D/4D geometry support
            * implement exceptions classes for the library already developed
            * create the maven project for the library implemented in the
weeks before


        * No real problem. I need to loose some other time in understanding
the way of registering a DAL provider with a gvSIG extension, that's
unfortunately not completely clear for me yet. I've asked (and got) the
whole week as holidays from job for trying to complete the extension and
completing my tasks for GSOC.
        * eventually loose some time for fixing the "3D/4D problems" with
JTS(java library used here for WKB/WKT) and SpatiaLite Blob. Probably I will
be obliged to implement all these functions outside JTS.

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