[SoC] r.stream mentor application

Jarekj Jasiewicz jarek.jasiewicz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 13:14:28 EDT 2011

Hi all,
my name is Jarek Jasiewicz, I would like to propose myself available
as a mentor for the Graphical User Interface for the hydrological tools 
r.stream* in GRASS GIS

I'm a co-author of most modules of r.stream, as well as some other GRASS 
GIS extensions. I have never been an mentor in GSoC, but I have 
experience in teaching students and MSc supervision.

For this summer of code I'm mainly interested in helping out whoever wants
to work on improving r.stream especially with graphical user interface 
and other facilities making this project easier in use

Jarek Jasiewicz

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