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Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 5 17:20:45 EDT 2011

my name is Massimo Di Stefano, I wold like to make myself available as a
mentor for the Ossim project. and provide help as co-menthor for the project related to grass, qgis and otb.

I started my collaboration with the Ossim-dev team some years ago and thanks
to a Google Summer of Code experience 2 years ago, since then i continued to work on my gsoc project PlanetSasha [1] 
as part of the ossim project (it is a pyqt based app that uses grass analisys support system and ossimplanet as map-canvas, sort of "gis 3d app").

For this summer of code we're thinking about the idea to develop a python
interface for ossim (re-using code from the already done java-swig interface, or using other tools as sip) 
as GRASS, QGIS, GDAL already have a python interface the interaction between this tools can be greatly improved 
exposing the OSSIM and OSSIMPlanet api  to the python language.

The python bindings resulting from this gsoc idea will be used to write a toolbox based on the  ossim function as an extension to grass and qgis for image analisys
while the python bindings for the ossimplanet api will be used to extend the planetsasha functionalities inside the respective grass and qgis plug-in.

So the idea is dedicated to the Ossim project but the benefit will be shared along several OSGeo projects like Grass and Qgis.

I registered myself on the google summer of code web-site and added a
general description of the idea on the respective wiki pages :




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