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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
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El 11/04/11 10:46, Hamish escribió:
> Jorge wrote:
>> Maybe I've missed something and it's on the wiki, but let me ask how
>> this year will be done the election of proposals?
>> Should every project PSC order their students proposals like we did last
>> year or they should be voted by the mentors at melange as in 2009?
> Hi,
> make your comments in melange and put forward your willingness to mentor
> any project which you'd take on using the button there.

No problem, all gvSIG proposals have a mentor assigned (at least AFAIK)

> Each OSGeo project will then decide which (if any) of the applications for
> their particular project they like, and rank the viable ones. Please then
> send your project's ranking & primary mentor selections to Wolf &/or Anne &
> me. (organize that internally as you like, but remember this is a public
> mailing list)  Once those results are all in Wolf will arrange them in
> melange as needed and we'll progress from there.

OK I'll forward all applications to our TSC and ask them for an ordering
as we did last year.

> Voting buttons have been turned off to avoid confusion.
> If you really aren't sure about any of the submissions for your project
> have a look around at the other applications, maybe there is a proposal
> for another osgeo project which could better use your slot + time?

Well we have 6 proposals, 5 for gvSIG mini and another for gvSIG Desktop
and I'm really confident on at least two of them, but well, it's just my
opinion (based on my confidence on mentors that support them in fact)
and I have to ask to my TSC fellows.


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