[SoC] Integration of GGL2 into gvSIG - Weekly report

Víctor González victorzinho at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 06:09:54 EDT 2011


I just updated the wiki with the weekly report. You can find all the info

   - *What have I done?*
      - *Develop the graphical user interface*: There are two new elements
      in the gvSIG graphical user interface: a toolbar button to
      connect/disconnect the plugin from GGL2; and a menu item to configure the
      listening port number used by the plugin. The plugin is restarted
      automatically when the port dialog is accepted and all the
preferences are
      stored when closing the application. Moreover, there is a
preference page in
      the GGL2 environment so you can choose which GIS application
will be used by
      default to export results, and a toolbar button to
connect/disconnect GGL2
      from all the GIS applications.
      - *Create documentation about the user interface*: There is new
      documentation explaining how the new user interface works and
how it should
      be used in order to configure the plugin properly.
   - *What am I going to do now?*
      - *Wrap gvSIG readers/writers*: Next step is to wrap gvSIG readers and
      writers so they can be included in the set of available GGL2
      readers/writers. Thus, gvSIG and GGL2 will accept the same data
sources and
      there will be no incompatibilities when working with certain files,
      databases, etc.
   - *Any blocking issue?* No

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