[SoC] GSoC weekly report 8 (Astronomical Image Processing plug-in for Opticks)

Yiwei Zhang zhangyiwei79 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 10:16:44 EDT 2011

Hi, all

I am working on astronomical image processing plug-in for Opticks.

In this week,  I begin to implement the de-convolution algorithm for image

De-convolution attempts to restore an image that has been degraded to its
original pre-degraded condition. Successful de-convolution methods work
using a constrained iterative process of image estimation and correction.
Rather than attempt to solve the inverse convolution problem in a single
step, image estimation relies on a series of small steps successive that
eventually converge on a best estimate of the original image.

Two types of de-convolution methods will be implemented. The first one is
Van Cittert method that uses additive correction. Another one is the
Richardson-Lucy method. It is based on the maximum likelihood approach and uses
a multiplicative correction factor.

The details of the report can be found at:

Next week I will finish the implementation of the de-convolution method for
image enhancement
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