[SoC] GSoC weekly report 11 (Astronomical image processing plug-in for Opticks)

Yiwei Zhang zhangyiwei79 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 09:57:14 EDT 2011


In this week, I finish the implementation of star brightness measurement.
First, I complete the calculation for background sky brightness. To avoid
the distraction of the light from other stars in the background, I sort the
pixel value of within the outer radius and keep the middle 80% of them. Then
the average background brightness is subtracted from the brightness of the
aperture to get final star brightness. Also I add the function to modify the
center of the star when the user selects a star. If the user has not clicked
on the star center precisely, the neighborhood of the star will be checked
and we assume the center to be the pixel with the highest value.
I modify the interface that computes both single star brightness and
relative brightness of two stars. The user can select the mode between
single star mode and two star’s mode. If the latter mode is selected, the
user can choose the first star or the second star. After that, the user can
select the star in the image and aperture and outer radius will be shown
automatically. The user can also modify the aperture and outer radius of the
star. Then by clicking “Compute” button, the brightness of the single star
or the relative brightness can be calculated and displayed.

Detailed report can be found here:

Next week I will begin to implement the astronomical image registration.
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