[SoC] Integration of GGL2 into gvSIG - Weekly report

Víctor González victorzinho at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 05:34:47 EDT 2011


I just updated the wiki with the weekly report. You can find all the info

   - *What have I done?*
      - *Finish developing wrappers and tests*: I have created a new
      PostgreSQL reader and while doing that I have detected some
issues so I also
      had to improve a little the generic implementation and tests for gvSIG
      wrappers. With SHP and PostgreSQL support, we think the wrappers
      is finished so far since there are some bugs in the gvSIG 2.0 data access
      layer. I have reported those bugs in the gvSIG tracker at OSOR and this
      issue has been discussed in the gvSIG development list, where
people agreed
      with the decision. Once those bugs are solved and gvSIG 2.0 evolves to a
      final stable release, more wrappers could be added easily as people need
      - *Create developer documentation*: I have created and uploaded to the
      GearScape site some documentation on how to develop a new gvSIG
      reader/writer, which class they need to extend and how to implement it.
      - *Start algorithm wizard development*: I managed to finish the
      previous tasks early enough so I have already started the next
step, which
      is the creation of a new algorithm wizard to execute algorithms
from a GGL2
      file easily.
   - *What am I going to do now?*
      - *Create wizard for GGL2 algorithm execution*: The creation of the
      wizard consists in getting the user input for the algorithm (either a GIS
      layer, a file or a literal input), the output type (console, a
new GIS layer
      or a new file) and create a new GGL2 file that calls the
algorithm with the
      given inputs. Then, the resulting GGL2 file is compiled and executed.
   - *Any blocking issue?* No

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