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Ramón Carrillo rcarrill at fiec.espol.edu.ec
Mon Apr 2 00:25:58 EDT 2012

Hi Marco.

As I mentioned you in a earlier email. I expect to use Qgis for Android for
monitoring a device that we will throw to sea. That device will be equipped
with a few sensors.

Beside the cloud syncing, I'm interest in syncing without connection at
all. I expect to use Qgis at places where there aren't 3G connection. I
think that syncing through USB may be useful.

Then, I would like to develop:
- Display local map data.
- Show current location.
- Syncing (Qgis cloud and USB).
- No-connection mode.

Those features are perfect for my purposes!

Once finished it, I might start the development of the other features. The
postgis provider is my favorite.

And finally, what about Python support?


El 31 de marzo de 2012 16:22, Marco Bernasocchi
<marco at bernawebdesign.ch>escribió:

> Hi Guys, I'm super happy that both of you are interested in working on
> QGIS mobile. I was wondering if you have more specific ideas in wich
> direction you might want to develop?
> there are many things that can be done beside a new dedicated GUI
> Display (local) map data
> Show current location
> Digitizing / Editing
> Adapt Offline Editing plugin
> (
> - Use providers do allow wfs, wms, postgis,...
> - web map caching of osm tiles the way gvsig mobile does
> - syncing of qgis projects from the desktop to the mobile device maybe in
> a way similar to qgis cloud pushing
> - seamless connection/no connection mode
> )
> have further ideas?
> ciao Marco
> --
> Marco Bernasocchi
> www.opengis.ch
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