[SoC] Image Segmentation - GRASS - GSoC report #7

Eric Momsen eric.momsen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 18:27:57 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Accomplished both planned tasks:

1.  An optional size threshold, to force a final merge for very small
segments (even when not similar) makes very nice looking segments.  (It
will be up to the user to decide if more cohesive segments are worth the
slight increase in heterogeneity.)

2. Speed increase.  I was using a (fast) processing flag for the entire
raster, but only needed to keep track of some local pixels.  It was an
O(area^2) speed cost, that was used repeated... so changing to a "slow"
tree structure for just the local information should a huge speed
improvement.  (Thanks Markus for noticing this!)  This change was just
implemented, still need to do some performance testing.

Next week:

Step back and evaluate what features/options are most important to
implement in the last month of coding.



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