[SoC] Porting discontinued Axios Spatial Tools into uDig core 1.3 - weekly report #9

Marco Foi gsoc at mcfoi.it
Fri Jul 20 10:03:48 PDT 2012

Hi folks.

This week started sadly but surprised my with a last-second achievement!.

What did I do this week?

Non much actually. Last week I could have MergeView getting up through
 right-click->operation->merge-selected. It took the whole week to
find a way to implement listeners in the MergeView to catch filter
events and I succeeded just today.
Now MergeView gets updated by feature selection performed with
ordinary Box Selection tool (not just with the original MergeTool).
This can be the first step of a complete review of the whole MergeTool

What will I be working on next week?

I have to implement logic to cover all use cases: layers
added/removed/changed, maps created/deleted and so on. I am not sure
how long it will take. Fore sure it must be performed carefully.

Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?

Yes.. ..but Mauricio suggested me a new approach to the problem and
that approach proved viable.
So I am now making progresses.

Thank you,
Marco Foi

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