[SoC] OSM and Neo4j in uDig - GSoC Report, Week 9

Carol Hansen carolbhansen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:28:00 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,

*What did I do this week?*

   - Progressed on the OSM Routing Importer:
   - Gave up on the Traversal Framework API; Traversal to add distance
   between nodes finally complete...I need to work on shorter and more
   numerous methods. Shout out to Davide for his help!
   - Started playing around with and reading up on Neo4j's Graph library
   for shortest path (GraphAlgoFactory)

*What will I be working on next week?*

   - Start integrating Routing Algorithm
   - Update my project website

*Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?*

   - Took way longer than expected, and falling way behind schedule.
   - Have to tweak my JVM memory usage. I'm getting a Memory error when I
   Run my program. It's set at 1024, so not sure what else this could be.

Thank you,
Carol Hansen
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