[SoC] Weekly report #4 - GRASS v.net front end

Štěpán Turek stepan.turek at seznam.cz
Fri Jun 15 17:07:19 PDT 2012


1) What do I have completed this week?

I have managed to connect the points list with map window.
Screen shot is available at [1].

2) What am I going to achieve for next week?

This week I did not manage to put my code to GRASS AddOns, because it 
depends on  changes in trunk,which I have made. These changes  need to 
be reviewed by my mentor and more tested.
Next week I am going to focus on these trunk changes to be able  make my 
code public.
Also I am going to start work on integration of v.net.path module to 
front end.

My time for hacking will be limited, because I need to spend some time 
learning for final exams.

3) Is there any blocking issue?




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