[SoC] Report #4, GSoC, GRASS Image Segmentation

Eric Momsen eric.momsen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 22:54:25 PDT 2012


It is fun to be into the guts of the coding.


* Segmentation will run on tiny maps, using arrays.  This demonstrated
algorithm steps are sound, resulting segments were correct.
* Started to implement some linked lists to increase the size of the map
that can be processed.

Next week:

* Finish linked list implementation.
* Add polygon constraints for preexisting segmentation boundaries.


Nothing has stopped me for very long, I continue to have great support from
my mentors.  My challenge this week (well, I suppose this is a common
challenge!) was balancing the urge to write fast and finish large chunks of
code against taking the time to test and proceed carefully to avoid
introducing bugs.

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