[SoC] [Opticks-devs] "Object based Image Analysis Tools for Opticks" :Weekly Report #5

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I pulled the latest from git and noticed a .exe file for meanshift.
Where did you get this file? Do you have permission to redistribute it?
It is generally not a good idea to have .exe files without an
explanation. What's worse, my virus scanner flagged it as being infected
with a virus [1]. As such, I did not run the code you sent. Please
remove this file from the repository and replace it with something more
suitable as soon as possible (source code, perhaps?).








From: mohit kumar [mailto:mohit.kumarug08 at students.iiit.ac.in] 
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Subject: [Opticks-devs] "Object based Image Analysis Tools for Opticks"
:Weekly Report #5


Hello all,
I have updated my 5th weekly report at 
8th+to+22nd+june>  .

I will not have access to net tomorrow, so sending the report early.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks and Regards.


Mohit Kumar

Undergraduate Computer science

Lab For Spatial Informatics
International Institute of Information Technology


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