[SoC] Re: [udig-devel] OSM and Neo4j in uDig - GSoC Weekly Report

Craig Taverner craig at amanzi.com
Fri May 25 13:17:18 EDT 2012

Hi Carol,

Sounds like a great first week. For project management support feel free to
work directly on the neo4j-spatial project I host on redmine.amanzitel.com.
Davide and I are both there already, and I for one use it a lot (mostly
other projects, but sometimes also spatial). It has task/issue/time
management and wikis and it has been used for some parts of previous GSoC
work. The Neo4j-Spatial project there is private, so anything you want to
publish publicly should go to the uDig wiki you are already working with
Jody on. The redmine project would be more of an internal support project
for your own task and time management.

Register at http://redmine.amanzitel.com/account/register, and then I can
activate your account and give you access to

Regards, Craig

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 5:06 PM, Carol Hansen <carolbhansen at gmail.com>wrote:

> *Weekly Report for my GSoC Project*
> "Implementing route analysis of OSM data within uDig, using Neo4j-Spatial
> graph database"
> Hoping to have my wiki/official project page up soon.
> *== What did I do this week? ==*
> *
> ** Finished Eclipse/uDig tutorials with Jody (mad props and shout out to
> him!)
> * Did a crash course on some of the Design Patterns discussed...also
> reviewed key Java concepts
> * Got more familiar with GitHub
> * Went through Neo4j setup and tutorials, familiarized myself with
> Neo4j-Spatial API (in progress), and attempted to recognize design pattern
> within the API
> * Discussed with my mentor the next steps
> Today I plan to...
> * Setup my wiki and project management tool
> * Read through OSM documentation and finish Neo4j tutorials
> * Import OSM XML file
> *== What will I be working on next week? ==*
> *
> *
> * Install a Whiteboard in my living room!!
> * continuation of today's tasks (read about OSM structure and how it
> applies to Neo4j)
> * Look into XOM parser for OSM Importing to Neo4j database
> * Attend a Neo4j meetup in Chicago (May 31)
> *== Did I meet with any stumbling blocks? ==*
> * Wrestled with some of the uDig/Eclipse walkthroughs and configurations
> * Never heard of Design Patterns, so had to catch up on some of the key
> patterns mentioned the past couple weeks.
> * Time management! Juggling so many different pieces and having to
> familiarize myself with so many new things at once. I'm hoping this will
> smooth out as I learn more. I also plan to set up some kind of Project
> Management system to help me stay organized and focused.
> Take care,
> Carol H.
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