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Julian Padilla padillajulian1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 17:03:56 PDT 2013

Hello everyone at GSoC! I wanted to revise my weekly report for the second
week(which was between June 23-29).I did not include some of the tasks that
were completed, so I wanted to send another weekly report. I also did not
include the tasks I will be completing this week and will attach them to
this new report.
Here are the tasks that were completed:
- Defined the TinBuildingBlock interface.
- Created the TinPoint class.
- Created the TinBreakline class.
- Created the TinBoundary class.
- Created the InMemoryTin class.
- Created the InMemoryTinFactory class.
- Defined the TriangleCalculator interface.
- Defined the TreeWithLevels interface.
- Defined the TreeNode interface.
- Created the BasicTreeNode class.
- Created the BasicTreeWithLevels class.
- Created the BasicTreeWithLevelsFactory class.
- Defined the TinPointSpatialIndex interface.
- Created the BasicTinPointSpatialIndex class.
- Created the BasicTinPointSpatialIndexFactory class.
-Created the ThreeDimensionalLine class.
And for this week to come I will be preparing the following tasks for this
Julian’s Tasks:
-          Complete implementation of the TinEdge class.
-          Complete implementation of the TinFace class.
-          Fully unit test and document the TinEdge class.
-          Fully unit test and document the TinFace class.
-          Fully unit test and document the TinBreakline class.
-          Fully unit test and document the TinBoundary class.
 As for my mentor Landon, he will be completing the following tasks this
Landon’s Tasks:
-          Complete and publish TIN file format specification.
-          Implement first TriangleCalculator using existing code in JTS.
-          Complete implementation and unit test BasicTinPointSpaitalIndex
-          Complete implementation and unit test BasicTreeWithLevels class.
(Tree graph utility class to assist with TIN building algorithms and TIN
I would also like to mention that I'am storing all of my coding in a public
SVN repository at Assembla, but am currently working on migrating my code
into the GeoTools GIT repository. Thanks everyone at GSoC!
Sorry GSoC for such an confusing weekly report and thanks again for your

Julian Padilla
Project: Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools
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