[SoC] GSoC - istSOS 2013 Weekly reports #3

Francesco Massa massa80 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 02:03:00 PDT 2013

Hi all

Today they will cut off the power in my office: so I send a early weekly 

Work done in week 3  

   -     Implementation of new SQL code in sqlschema.py to create 
   measures_array tab and define of a new  observation type: 
   -     Development of WASOS service  and testing of the new database 
   schema (sqlschema.py and cmbsystemtype.json are changed)
   -     Test data profiles saved into istSOS database with array structure 
   (tab: measures_array)
   -     Planning the development and begin the implementation of new 
   python code to manage array data and merging in istSOS core.


Work to be done in week 4

   -      Writing new python code to merge the "measures_array" tab and the 
   new  observation type "insitu-fixed-profile" into the itsSOS core.

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