[SoC] Resource Sharing in QGIS - GSoC Weekly Report #3

aruntheguy at gmail.com aruntheguy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 21:04:47 PDT 2013


What I did this week?
I have been working on expanding the API of the Django application that is
the symbol repository. The plan was to work on a browser-less upload
machanism for sharing symbols. I got a bit deviated with other things like
learning DB migrations and related stuff and worked only on the API
expansion. I have begun to document the application at

Next Week.
I plan to get back on track to integrating the symbol repository with the
desktop QGIS application, first by creating the API for it and writing
desktop related code in the following weeks.

Problems I faced.
No problems. Just a bit of deviations, still they helped me learn a few
things that might come handy in the future.

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