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Julian Padilla padillajulian1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 13:13:40 PDT 2013

Google Summer of Code Weekly Report #3:

Hello everyone at GSoC! Here is a list of tasks and completions:

Finished coding the ThreeDimensionalLine class
Began looking into the following classes and began preparing for coding:

The TinPoint Class
The TinBoundary Class
The TinBreakline Class

This following week I should have these prepared and tested. The following
tasks will be done by my mentor Landon:

- Implemented the following methods of the InMemoryTinIndex:

* getTinFaceAtLocation()

* hasTinFaceAtLocation()

* getTinFacesInEnvelope()

* hasTinFacesInEnvelope()

* indexTinFace()

* indexTinPoint()

* indexTinBreadkline()

* indexTinBoundary()

- Fully implemented a InMemoryTin JUnit unit test case.

- Completed the implementation of the TinFace class and created a fully
implemented TinFace JUnit test case.

- Made miscellaneous corrections and fixes to classes in

My tasks for next week include:

Finish testing and modifying classes any finished classes.

My mentors tasks include the following:

- Add getChangeInElevation method to the TinFace class.

- Complete implementation of the TinIndex class.

- Write unit test for the TinIndex class.

- Create index for TIN faces based on elevation.

Thanks everyone at GSoC!

Julian Padilla

Project: Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools
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