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Julian Padilla padillajulian1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 13:58:25 PDT 2013

Hello everyone at GSoC,

I have created a revised weekly report for week 3 of GSoC. The first report
I had sent in contained tasks that were completed and were to be completed
this week. First off, I would like to apologize for sending in a late
report(once again) and promise to send in my weekly reports every morning
Friday from here on out. So please, disregard the first 3rd weekly report
sent, and take this one new, revised report. It consists of completed tasks
and also tasks that will be completed by the the end of the week. Thanks
again GSoC and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Completed Tasks:

- I have done additional work on the methods of the ThreeDimensionalLine
class. Seven method stubs still need to be implemented.

- Landon implemented the following methods of the InMemoryTinIndex:

* getTinFaceAtLocation()

* hasTinFaceAtLocation()

* getTinFacesInEnvelope()

* hasTinFacesInEnvelope()

* indexTinFace()

* indexTinPoint()

* indexTinBreadkline()

* indexTinBoundary()

- Landon fully implemented a InMemoryTin JUnit unit test case.

- Landon wrote the JUnit test case for the TinPoint class.

- Landon completed the implementation of the TinFace class and created a
fully implemented TinFace JUnit test case.

- Landon made miscellaneous corrections and fixes to classes in

- Landon published the first file format specification for TIN data.

My Tasks for Next Week

- Finish implementation of the ThreeDimensionalLine class and the
ThreeDimensionalLine JUnit test case.

Landon's tasks include the following:

- Add getChangeInElevation method to the TinFace class.

- Complete implementation of the TinIndex class.

- Write unit test for the TinIndex class.

- Create index for TIN faces based on elevation.

- Create TriangleCalculator that uses JTS  code to perform the

By the end of the month we hope to have our first release of usable code.

Julian Padilla

Project: Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools
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