[SoC] GSoC'13 OpenTripPlanner-for-Android Weekly Report #4

Vreixo González vreixo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 16:36:28 PDT 2013

Hi all,

*What did I do this week?*
This week I was refining previous week solved bugs, solving new ones,
adding small features related to the bugs and implementing a major change
in app behavior and life cycle (not finished yet).
Also I have solved all the problems that I had with the server, and now is
working with geocoding configured and webapp prepared to use it as know it
offers the possibility, as it is configured, to input the locations by text.

So, things I have done regarding Android app:
- I have now permissions to pull commits, so I have removed development
particular parts to made the first changes to GSoC branch.
- Added a correction to mode icons inserted last week.
- Solved one bug in the Panel by "miscwidgets" that we use which caused a
"divide by zero" when some environment changes occurred, hence the app
- Changed the way to checkBoundaries in server auto detection, now with my
simple version always works but I need to further investigate.
- I have added some functionalities to "custom server" option, because is a
bit complicated to work with them.

   - Geocoding now checks if not server is selected or is a custom one so
   no boundaries are defined. Before crashed. Only for Nominatim.
   - Now as soon as is selected custom server is set. Before was set if
   server was not autodetected and view was recreated.
   - If custom server is selected from servers list, it comes with the
   value from preferences, not blank.

- To perform geocoding now is always with Google Places or Nominatim.
Before was with android geocoding, but with the new errors detection I have
discovered that an exception was the result many times.
- Code was handling "keyboard hidden" and "orientation change" events, to
force to not restart the app. Removing this (because not handling is really
done, is just a workaround), I have discovered that the mechanism to save
the state are not working properly and if app is restarted bundles are not
recovered, nor saved. Also I think this creates the crashes on "locale
change" (along with the panel error that I have said).
Now, I'm re-implementing all the save state and restore process, this part
is not finished.

*What will I be working on next week?*

- I will totally finish with bugs and let the app totally clean.

- Add some more improvements to UI.

- Go for RT info or bike triangle if possible.

*Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?*

- I'm having some problems with the part of saving the state and restoring

Kind regards,
Vreixo González
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