[SoC] GSOC wk4 checkin Horizon Based Voxel Interpolation

Tim Bailey timibly at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 16:37:13 PDT 2013

Tim Bailey July 12, 2013

GSOC week 4 check in

Horizon based voxel interpolation

This was an interesting week. After thorough reconsideration of the
foundational documents for this project as well as reviewing about a dozen
other three d interpolation projects, I have settled on a methodology that
I believe resolves many of the outstanding issues. The vertical to
horizontal anisotropy problems are a rabbit hole that I do not need to
resolve during this process. Rather than get into the weeds of benefits and
liabilities of different interpolation operators, I think that the best way
to move forward is by deterministic flood population of voxels. Clearly
different disciplines have different methods and needs for spatial
approximations. In my estimation, the end users decisions about what the
appropriate geostatistical or logical operator to apply should take place
between generation of conforming horizons, and the operation that generates
the r3 map.

The most important point of this is the population of the r3 voxels will
proceed through a deterministic operator, which can be accomplished with
existing tools. The various approximations such as geostatistical
operations can be accomplished before the r3 map is initiated. The r3 map
can essentially be flood filled from points by selecting all the points in
a tier and applying v.voronoi, followed by v.to.rast. A data artifact from
this process is an arbitrary step pattern caused by sparse data. If you
want to smooth transitions you can introduce intermediate horizon
approximations based on the logical model of the operators choosing.

I have a proof of concept dataset which I manually shepherded through what
is at this point a ten step transformation between a conforming horizon
descriptions, and an r3 map. Next week I plan on continuing working on the
generic wrapper that manages the transformation of horizon intervals to
voxels. Also I will get my project wiki page up on very soon.

Have a good weekend

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