[SoC] Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools

Julian Padilla padillajulian1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 17:38:20 PDT 2013

Hello everyone at GSoC! Here is the fourth weekly report:

List of Completed Tasks this past week:


- Added hasTinPointAtLocation method to InMemoryTin class.****

- Added getTinPointAtLocation method to InMemoryTin class.****

- Defined the HasElevation interface.****

- Created a fully implemented ElevationIndex class to spatially index
objects that implement the HasElevation interface. (Both need Javadoc

- Fully unit tested the ElevationIndex class.****

- Fully unit tested the BasicPointSpatialIndexClass.****

- Completed a TriangleCalculator using JTS code.****

- Created a fully implemented JUnit test case for the JTS

-Implemented the following methods in the ThreeDimensionalLineClass:





and getElevationAtSlopeDistance

** Tasks List to be done this following week:


- Create Javadoc comments for the HasElevation interface and the
ElevationIndex class.****

- Implement HasElevation on the classes in the org.geotools.jtinv2.main

- Work on the “Creeping Network” algorithm for TIN building and implement a
TriangleCalculator using it.****

** Thanks everyone at GSoC!

Julian Padilla


Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools
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