[SoC] Brace yourselves - midterm evaluations are coming! 29th July - 2nd August

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 04:09:18 PDT 2013

Hello all, mentors and students!

The time for midterm evaluations is slowly approaching. Here is a short
list of what is to be done:

Students and mentors together:
- check if midterm goals from original schedule have been met
- review the original schedule for the second half of GSoC, setting
clear goals for final evaluation. Please put revised schedule in 26th
July report.
- if any problem or doubt arise, let the admins know. 
- remind each other about the midterm evaluation - missing evaluations
lead to failure of the student!

- keep on coding and sending reports
- fill in midterm evaluation between 29th July - 2nd August. Better
before 31st July.

- fill in midterm evaluation. If you will not be online in the
evaluation week, please send the answers to the admins and they will
fill the evaluations for you.

- answer students/mentors questions
- check if midterm evaluations are being completed.
- fill in mentor evaluations if needed.

I'd like to have all midterm evaluations filled by 31st July, to be
sure that no Melange/Internet issue gets in the way at last minute.

More info at

Many thanks and keep on with good work!
OSGeo GSoC Admin
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