[SoC] GSoC Weekly Report #5 - Design and implement an API for tiled vectorial support of POIProxy for gvSIG Mini

Arturo Argilés Casasús arturojargiles at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 02:22:46 PDT 2013

Hi all,
this is what I completed this week:

* Validated current status of the POIProxy layer with my mentor. Several
bugs found.

We have detected a 'usability' problem… as the user navigates the map, more
and more requests are made to POIProxy, that slows down the map loading. An
improvement to solve that problem would be to implement a disk or at least
memory cache, to not repeat requests to POIProxy. At the moment we have
decided don't implement that feature, but take it in account at the end of
the summer if there is available time.

* Studied the controls API of gvSIG Mini


* Again lack of documentation on the Control API

*Work for the next week*:

* Fix bugs on the POIProxy layer.
* Implement the geocoding control.

Best regards,

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