[SoC] Weekly Report - UTFGrid support for MapServer

Francois Desjarlais fdesjarlais1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 12:24:00 PDT 2013

Reports #5 goes from July 13th to July 19th. There was several
modifications to my code and it is now up to date.

This week, I changed my UTFGrid driver so it now uses its own instance of
AGG with a uint32 pixel. It took me a lot less time than expected. I also
fixed my OpenLayers panning problem. Instead of the 2 days I thought it
would take it took me about 1 hour. Then, I added the renderLine function
to my UTFGrid driver. Finally, I spent most of the week working on the
UTF-8 encoding. The difficulties I met this week all came from the UTF-8
encoding. I tried several ways of doing it and none give me the same
results on my computer and on the Ubuntu server.


   1. Get the UTF-8 encoding working on both machines. (1 day to 2 days)
   2. Add the renderSymbols to my driver. (1 day)
   3. Add the duplicates and labels formatOption for the UTFGrid output.
   (1/2 day)
   4. Change the image size of the output from inside the driver. (rest of
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