[SoC] GSOC Horizon Based Voxel Interpolation Wk 5 checkin

Tim Bailey timibly at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 16:10:21 PDT 2013

This week I worked on the voronoi operator. Also I have been working on a
few vector pre-processing procedures, that will end up as options for the
module. One of them extends horizon interval vectors to the limit of the
computational region to limit the influence of the highest and lowest data.

Next week I will continue to work on the voronoi operator and put examples
and the workflows up on the wiki. One thing that has been blocking me has
been the visualization tools for volumes. m.nviz.image seems to work fine
but the 3d view in the Map display is not working correctly. I did an svn
update to see if that improved things.

Tim Bailey
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