[SoC] Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools

Julian Padilla padillajulian1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 16:35:23 PDT 2013

Hello everyone at GSoC!

I hope everyone is enjoying their GSoC projects. I'm in need of some help
creating my Wiki page. I have followed all of the steps leading up to
submitting the request to make a wiki page on the Codehaus website but am
not sure how to proceed. Can anyone send me a quick outline of the steps
you have taken? Or even the next step I should take in getting my wiki page
available for me to start setting up .I'd really appreciate that from
anyone who takes the time to help a fellow coder out :).

Thanks again and happy coding everyone!

Julian Padilla

Project: Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools
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