[SoC] GSoC weekly report #6 - UTFGrid support for MapServer

Francois Desjarlais fdesjarlais1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 11:44:28 PDT 2013

Reports #6 goes from July 20th to July 26th. I didn't modify my example
this week. I will update it once my renderSymbols function are done. That
should be up to date by tuesday 30th evening.This week, I added a lot of
function to my driver. First of all, I fixed my UTF8 encoding problem I had
last week. It took me about 2 days and a half to do. Then, I added the
DUPLICATES formatOption to my utfgridRenderer. This function allow the user
to choose not to remove duplicates from the lookup table. That part took me
about half a day. Also, I made the UTFRESOLUTION formatOption fully
functional. It no longer modify the map. The modification are now made
locally in the driver. This took me about half a day to do. Finally, I am
currently working on the renderSymbols function. There's 4 of them and I
got 2 working. The 2 others are still WIP. There wasn't a lot of
difficulties this week. They mostly came from the UTF-8 encoding. I also
got trouble on how to get my symbols data into the renderer but my mentor
showed me how to do.
Plan :

   1. Finish the renderSymbols function. (2 days)
   2. Update my working example. (not much)
   3. Add the LABELS outputOption. (1 day to 2 days)
   4. Start fixing bugs. (rest of week)
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